Canadian Biosphere Research Network (CBRN)

CBRN is a network for researchers conducting both research ON (e.g., what is the significance and what are the practical applications of the concept?) and IN (research on a variety of topics that takes place in) biosphere reserves in Canada. In the words of one of the network’s founders and early members, Munju Ravindra, “the object of the group is to provide a forum for cooperation, collaboration, discussion and information-sharing among those grappling with the biosphere reserve concept and with the challenges of doing research at the point where scientific & environmental issues and community development meet”. Members of CBRN include government researchers, NGOs, biosphere reserve communities, university faculty, graduate students, and members of the Canadian Biosphere Reserve Association (CBRA).
The focus of CBRN activities for this year will be the development of this web site, the creation of a brochure on biosphere reserve research (coming soon!), and the planning of a CBRN ‘side meeting’ at the next CBRA annual meeting.

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