BC’s provincial government budget is being decided right now

Please let Premier Campbell know that you support his goal of making BC a world leader in sustainable environment management. This can only happen if BC Parks receives adequate funding to protect our natural heritage and spectacular wild places.
Write to the premier this week. You can get started with our sample letter. You can add your own anecdote or concerns about the state of BC Parks and mention what parks have contributed to your own life and well-being.

The government of BC is currently preparing for the next budget. This means that now is the time to let Premier Campbell know how you feel about the declining well-being of our parks system and the tremendous pressures on our parks as a result of four years of cuts to the BC Parks budget allocation.
CPAWS believes that BC Parks is inadequately funded and that the upcoming budget should increase their funding to $50-100 million dollars. For more info, visit the CPAWS BC web site.

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